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The potential prospect of ball mill market in the ore dressing equipment

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 25 Mar 2012 11:16:43

Ball mill is essential equipment in the industry-based economy with the development of domestic facilities, which is one of stone crushing machines and sand making machines in the mining machinery. It can be used in the highway, coal mine, building materials, metallurgy, railway, high iron, water conservancy and other industrial sectors, and it can crush such large size hard stones and materials that less than 320 Mpa. At same time the ball mill work together with other sand making equipment, such as crushing machine to support other equipment in the sand making line, stone crushing line and ore dressing line.

Much quantity of ball mill will be need following the domestic economy developing. Manufacturers in China actively import advanced equipment in the crushing production line, so the advanced stone crushing machines and sand making machines are entering into our country fast. With many years in researching and innovating, Henan Hongxing Machinery Company continually promotes large advanced hard-wearing ball mill, which specializing in crushing hard stones, such as pebbles, heluanshi, granite, granite, comprised, limestone and other harder materials and are applied in the sand making factories, ore dressing factories, stone factories, coal factories, powder making factories and other large construction projects in China.

On the condition that the enlarging of ball mill market in the mining ore dressing equipment nowadays, so many ball mill manufacturers are emerging, which providing more decisions for ore dressing factories. While, more decision, less knowledge to choose which one, because they consider that there is none that they need.

Ball mill is also called coal mill or tube mill, which consisted of large tank tube, a large and a small wheel gears, a bearing, transmission device and electric motor. When the ball mill operating, these parts will produce noises, but they are different from each other and the primary and secondary status of noise source is different.

Hongxing Machinery’s sound source analysis on the energy-saving ball mill units indicates that the large tank tube is main source of noise and gears, bearing and the transmission device and electric motor are minor sources of noise relatively. Considering the acoustical power, the large tank tube is main device for its radiant acoustical power and other parts produce lower acoustical power. The balance can be different in a level.

The noises produced by the energy-saving ball are generated by the impacting and grinding between steel ball, materials and scare board. The noise belongs to the mechanical noise and radiate outside along with the surface of the tank. The noise can be different when the size and quantity of the crushing material is different, even the same type energy-saving ball mill in the same sand making line.

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