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Ball Mill is Applied to Mineral Resources by Virtue of its Advantages

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 24 Jul 2012 12:29:47

The industrial development contributes to the increasing of mineral resources and wastes, the best way to solve these wastes is to recycle. Ball mill plays its biggest role in this process.

For the waste’s characteristics, the wastes grinded and recycled by ball mill can be applied in building material to reduce the environmental pollution. Meanwhile, the natural resources consumption has also been saved. As the most common waste, coal ash has been widely applied to road project due to its high hardness and strong stability. In the process of coal ash, the granularity of coal ash has certain effects on its strength. The finer the coal ash is, the higher the strength will be . Consequently, in the grinding process of coal ash, it is fatally important to choose the ball mill with high granularity and good performance.

In recent years, significant achievement has been reached in grinding field because cement industry takes advantages of new technology and develop new type energy saving equipment such as cone ball mill and energy-saving ball mill. The coal ash products processed by ball mill

New type ball mill which replaces traditional ball mill plays its biggest role in mining resources by taking its biggest advantages. The purpose of optimizing the length-diameter ratio is to avoid the excessive grinding and achieve the best effects. In addition, it also adopts deck plate end to ensure smooth feeding, no grinding phenomenon and connect body without cooling.

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