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Most Significant Application of Jaw Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 01 Mar 2012 08:30:40

This crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, highway, building, railway, chemical industry, water conservancy project, communications, mining and quarry and road paving etc. It is a machine designed to break large rocks into a more manageable size. Usually, two types can be sorted—stationary and mobile one and they can be used with any rock found in nature, or with man-made materials like reclaimed concrete. It can be used to create gravel or rock dust, or simply to smash large rocks into smaller ones. The product created this equipment can be used for a variety of functions such as construction aggregates, landscaping, erosion control and more. Currently, usage of crusher in significant application areas such as cement industry, building, paving and mining approximately accounts for 60% or so across the industry. Next, I will analyse the use of for most significant applications.

Housing as we all know is the basic need of the society. Hence, it is receiving increased focus. All the building constructions whether it is housing or industrial construction activities all require crushed stone. Therefore, with the growth of its housing industry, the demand for crushed stone will continue to grow sharply.

Annually, 10 thousands sqm of old construction would produce 7000~12000 tons of building waste every time when they are demolished in the line with the rough statistics on construction spillage of material, that is to say, reformation of the cities and towns would generate mountains of building waste. Once the range of application of jaw crusher can be extended effectively, the building resource will be saved effectively as well. Disposal of multitudes of building wastes brings about directly improvement of the living environment of citizens.

No matter highway construction or rapid transit construction, the use of vast gravel aggregate is increasingly demanded. And as the ascendant of urbanization, highway construction industry and rapid transit construction industry are in badly need of jaw crusher. With the development of national infrastructure, demands for this equipment in cement industry provide large development opportunities for merchants, at the same time, stimulate enterprises engaging in this industry to improve their core competitiveness.

Impact crusher which drives economic development to a great extent has become an indispensable machine in many application files and in socialist modernization development. After years of development, crusher industry has developed to a certain high extent with increasing capacity to manufacture. As long as possessing of innovative spirit, we believe crusher industry will have a brighter future and enjoy large market.

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