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Environmental Jaw Crusher Reuses Blast Furnace Slag

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 19 Feb 2013 06:33:36

Facing with the rapid pace of the economic development, we can see that the low-carbon development is not only related to people's livelihood, but also related to national planning. With the rapid development of blast furnace slag, jaw crusher has also become the irreplaceable equipment of its development. The blast furnace slag can be processed into a variety of materials with various technologies. After having reprocessed by jaw crusher and power making machines, these materials can be effectively applied to each sector. Meanwhile, this technology can make leavings reused, which fundamentally eliminates the contamination of the residue on the environment.

jaw crusher

Blast furnace slag is a kind of industrial solid waste, which is discharged in the blast furnace iron making process, so it is also referred to blast-furnace cinder. It can be divided into steel making pig iron slag, foundry pig iron slag, ferromanganese slag, etc. It has been a long time since the blast furnace slag was firstly used. As the most of emissions of solid wastes in the metallurgy industry, if without rational use, the blast furnace slag cannot only occupy national land resources, but also cause waste pollution.

The jaw crusher produced by Hongxing has better developmental prospects in the utilization and production of blast furnace slag. In the next few years, Hongxing machinery will constantly innovate so as to improve technical performance and effectively be committed to the production of blast furnace slag. The crushing equipment includes impact crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, etc. In the future, Hongxing will follow the development of blast furnace slag and provide newer and better equipment. Hongxing makes full use of scientific and technological achievements and continuously undertakes technological, structural and process innovation focusing on improving reliability and applicability of products. Hongxing accelerates independent innovation, applies new structure, new technology, high tech and intelligent patent to the mature products and improves technical performance and added value of mining machinery equipment so as to make contributions to the better and faster development of China's blast furnace slag.

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