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Technological Innovation of Our Hammer Crushers

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 19 Sep 2014 07:22:34

Through years’ research and development on the product quality and performance, our company has made much progress about the hammer crusher. The technological innovation of our hammer crusher has attracted lots of customers to purchase our products. Here we will introduce two main creative advantages of our latest hammer crushers.

hammer crusher

1.Moisture content of raw materials entering the hammer crusher has been increased.

In general, most stone crushers are quite sensitive for water or moisture content of the raw materials. When there is too much moisture, it will cause material blocking and equipment sticking. Especially on rainy days when the air is quite wet, materials with moisture content more than 13% won’t be crushed smoothly. What’s worse, the hammer crusher will be shut down immediately, thus influencing the normal production. Other crushers like cage mill with open type discharging port also has strict requirement for the water content of feeding materials.

However, our latest hammer crusher has adopted the advanced crushing technology and can make it come true to handle raw materials with water content as high as 18% without causing sticking and blocking phenomena. Our hammer crusher can work normally when it rains. And it will keep stable running load with the same discharging quantity all the time.

2.No need of dust collector for our latest hammer crusher

With the innovative technology and structure, our hammer crusher will hardly produce dust when it runs. Users won’t experience the dust pollution they usually meet when using other stone crushers even equipped with dust collector. The advanced dust prevention system makes the hammer crusher get rid of dust collector and realize the efficient dust collecting process.

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