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Five Advantages of PE Impact Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11 Aug 2012 02:23:09

PE impact crusher is widely used in all kinds of minerals, railway, expressway, energy, cement plant, chemical industry and other industries. The reason why impact crusher is so popular is because of there are some following advantages:

Impact Crusher

1. Impact crusher can deal with the materials of large moisture efficiently to prevent the blocking phenomenon of crusher.

In dealing with the materials of large moisture, the feeding chute and back plate of impact crusher can install heating devices to prevent the bonding of materials and the impact crusher must set up the bottom screen board to avoid the blocking phenomenon. Hammer crusher can't adopt the heating method to avoid the bonding of materials, and must install the bottom screen board.

2. Impact crusher is applied in both soft materials and hard materials

The board hammer of impact crusher is fixed at rotor adopted mechanism, and it appears moment of inertia as the rotor moves. The rotor of impact crusher shows larger momentum and can crush harder materials relative to hammer crusher, and has a low consumption.

3. Impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity flexibly and the adjusting range is wide.

Impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity by many ways such as rotor speed, back plate, the gap of the grinding chamber etc. The gap of the grinding chamber can be adjust by mechanical type and hydraulic type, and adopting hydraulic type can complete the adjustment of the gap by the manual button box or remote control system conveniently. Hammer crusher adjust discharging granularity by replacing the bottom screen board.

4. The abrasion of wear parts of impact crusher is less than hammer crusher, and the metal utilization is high.

The abrasion of board hammer of impact crusher is in the side of the relative materials. When the speed of the rotor is normal, the feeding materials will fall board hammer surface, and the back and side will not be abraded,even though the relative materials. The metal utilization of board hammer of impact crusher can reach by up to 45%—48%

5. The spare parts of impact crusher change simply, so the maintenance charge can reduce.

Impact crusher only can be install six board hammers on the rotor. The special tools provided by Hongxing can change board hammers easily, and changing a set of board hammer takes one hour, even if the bottom chamber of grinding rod is replaced which takes some minutes, which reduce maintenance time ad charge greatly. The board hammers of hammer crusher have up to more than 100, and replacing a set of hammer takes a lot of time and manpower.

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