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Malfunctions and Solutions of the Double Roll Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 27 Jun 2014 02:07:59

As the mining machinery industry develops rapidly, there is an increasing demand occurring in the current expanding market for the crushers such as the double roll crusher which is regarded as the representative of the low energy consumption crushers. Speaking of the double roll crusher, our technicians will introduce some common malfunctions of the machine and show some useful solutions to avoid these problems.

double roll crusher

Malfunction 1: The crushed materials are too large in size after handled by the double roll crusher.

Reasons: 1. the roll skin of the crusher is worn terribly; 2. the spring rigging has poor pressing force or the base plate is thin; 3. the discharging gate is too big.

Solutions: 1. to change the roll skin of the crusher or to fill in the worn part by the bead welding treatment; 2. to strengthen the stressing force of the spring or to increase the thickness of the base plate; 3. to adjust the size of the discharging gate.

Malfunction 2: The vibrating phenomenon of the double roll crusher during the running period.

Reasons: 1. the feeding materials are too big blocks or they are fed not in a well-distributed way; 2. There are materials that are not to be crushed entering the crushing cavity of the crusher; 3. The attachment bolt of the double roll crusher gets loose.

Solutions: 1. to adjust the feeding device of the crusher; 2. to remove the mixing materials that shouldn’t be crushed; 3. to tighten the attachment bolt.

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